The QC LVC Lab focuses on modeling language variation and change. The lab’s main recent focus has been on vocalic variation and change in New York City English.  The lab is directed by Bill Haddican and Michael Newman. This work is supported by NSF Grant Numbers BCS-1630274, BCS-1630377, BCS-1630286, BCS-1629348, and BCS-1152148.  For 2020-2021, the Lab was supported by a QC Research Enhancement Award.

For 2023-2024, the lab is working on two projects.  First, we’re studying quotative constructions from several different perspectives, including their syntax (cross-linguistically), variation and change in quotative contructions, and their phonetic properties.  Second, we’re gathering and analyzing data using a web-based app.  If you are a native speaker of New York City English, please consider taking part!  It’s short (~4 minutes), and anonymous–no names, emails or anything like that asked for!  Check it out: https://qclvclab.net/www/experiment.html.


  • LCD 205 Language change survey summary (2018 & 2020 data).  Some fun results by recent students: https://qclvclab.shinyapps.io/shiny/
  • Victoria La Rosa and Breanna Aarons present in April at Penn State Undergraduate Exhibition in Hispanic and General Linguistics.  Let’s go Victoria and Breanna!


2023-2024 members:  Lily Burke, Genesis Demera, Janil Duran, Anni Galanopoulou, Cynthia Gan, Tereece Goodman, Jack Lacey, Evan Lopez, Eliana Mesa, Amy Mitzin, Donna Shair, Lin Sun

2022-2023 members: Breanna Aarons, Erine Desir, Idris Emerick, Victoria La Rosa.

2021-2022 members: Erine Desir, Nikki Estrada, Jaslyn Fan, Hannia Godinez, Danielle Kelly, Melanie Rodriguez, Maria Salmeron, Milena Santiago, Nazra Siddiqui and Jiaying Zhou.

2020-2021 members: Suleiny Beltre, Shifali Chambers, Cynthia Gan, Julia Ianculovici, Sheikara Krishnadatt, Joseph Lent, Naying Liu, Hunter Peltonen, Angela Sanchez, Tsu Zhu.

2019-2020 members: Nazija Akter, Carol Berrios, Oksana Borukh, Sabrina Eliano, Alessa Farinella,  Kelvin Ganan,  Ashley Illicete, Emily Liang, Naying Liu, Ariel Persad, Luis Rosario, Kimberly Villalobos, Daniel Yakubov, Tsu Zhu.

2018-2019 members: Carol Berrios, Sabrina Eliano, Alessa Farinella, Marissa Gilbert, Salome Jacques,  Zi Zi Gina Tan, Laura Torres, Daniel Yakubov, Tsu Zhu.

2017-2018 members: Sabrina Lagreca, Zi Zi Gina Tan, Kurt Werber, Rebecca Rich.